Harnessing the innate immune system to produce meaningful advances in immuno-oncology

The ability to leverage the immune system for cancer therapy holds immense potential, but the immunosuppressive microenvironment frequently observed in many tumors has confounded the development of this treatment modality. At Venn Therapeutics, we are developing a pipeline of novel, first-in-class agents that overcome this immunosuppression by modulating the innate immune system. By promoting the infiltration, maturation, and activation of potent antigen-presenting cells in the tumor microenvironment, our candidates may offer the potential to vastly expand the population of patients who receive clinical benefit from immunotherapy.

Put it another way, Immunotherapy is an exciting area for cancer treatment that offers hope to patients with new treatment options. Recent immunotherapy advancements have helped improve the patient outcomes in many cancers, such as NSCLC, Melanoma, etc. However, even with these promising results, only 20-30% patients benefits from these treatments, leaving a large number of patients with tumors that are unresponsive to these therapies, we can call them "cold" tumors for simplicity.

At Venn, we are determined to expand the patient population that benefits from immunotherapies by working on innate immune system and to turn them "on" with our drugs. In other words, we are converting "cold" tumors that are unresponsive to currently available immunotherapies to "hot" tumors, thereby increasing the number of patients benefiting from these cutting edge treatments.

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